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Becas Americanas


OVERALL ABILITY ON THE FIELD: I consider my aggressive when playing this is my greatest ability because all my development on the court turns around it. My best hit is the drive; I use it to take the point control with it. Also I have a great return; I commonly attack the second service and […]


DATE OF BIRTH: 07/10/02 HEIGHT: 1.60 mts / 5, 25 ft. WEIGHT: 57 Kg / 125, 66 lbs. T-SHIRT SIZE: M SHORTS SIZE: M SHOE SIZE: 8.5 US H. S. GRADUATION DATE: November 2020 TENNIS LEAGUE: Tennis League of Santander. MAJORS: Finances, Business Administration, Sports Management. I move pretty well on the court, and I […]


OVERALL ABILITY ON THE FIELD: In tennis I´m characterized by having a very good physique, I have a very good serve and I am a player that goes up to the net. I’m very competitive and I do not like losing. I like to train hard.   STRENGTHS ON THE FIELD: My good serve and […]