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Nickname: Gaby Father: Jairo Galindo Garcia Mother: Diana Rubio Roa Height: 5.25 ft (1.69 mt) Weight: 112 pounds Birthday: May 5 th 2002 I am interested in golf because it is a sport that teaches you a lot; teaches you to remain calm, to create friendships, self-control, discipline and what I consider most important: to […]


Height: 5.5118 feet (1.68m) Weight: 127.868 pounds Birthday: September 19th, 2000 I am interested in golf not only because it is a way of living in which you become a better human being thanks to the discipline, commitment and self-control required to improve in the game; but also because it it is one of the […]


Since I was very young, golf has always made a big part of my life. Over the years, I have developed a love and appreciation for this sport that has given me so many good things. I am interested in golf because it helps me grow as an individual and keep a healthy lifestyle. Besides, […]


Name: Nicolas Arrieta Guerra Nickname: Nick Height: 6 ft Weight: 175 lbs Birthday: May 02, 2002 The best part of my game is short game and also my mental strength, I also think I’m pretty good solving problems I face in the course. Dominican College: https://www.dc.edu/


Handicap: Current Handicap: 0 Name: Nicolas Sabogal Burgos Nickname: Nick Handicap – 1 Father: Yoth Sabogal Mother: Liz Burgos Height: 1,72 Mts / 5,62 ft Weight: 60 kg / 134,00 Pounds Birthday: 10/04/2003 Trinity Christian College:


Height: 5,3 ft (1.61 mt) Weight: 136 pounds Age: 16 years old Birthday: March 8th, 2004 Father: Efrain Casadiego Laborde Mother: Constanza Helena Morales Ramirez MISSOURI WESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY