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Becas Americanas


OVERALL ABILITY ON THE FIELD: I am a defensive player that plays as central defender of 3-4-5, with wide projection toward the counter-attack, collective game, team leader in the field, disciplined that follows the dynamics of the team, intelligence and calm, good kicker long distance shots. STRENGTHS ON THE FIELD: Good on counterattacks, raise morale […]


OVERALL ABILITY ON THE FIELD: Over all I’m a player that sets up offensive plays using teamwork. I’m capable of generating risky plays thanks to my technical skills, the ability to read the game well, and also knowing the sacrifice that must be put into every game. HOBBIES AND PERSONAL INTEREST One of my hobbies […]


OVERALL ABILITY ON THE FIELD: I have great sprinting and speed, a great physical condition, I’m really good at passing the ball, dribbling, and I’m good at getting the ball back, good at gol shoots, technique. I always follow the coach’s technique (orders), I’m confident with the ball, I always fit easily in the teams […]


HOBBIES AND PERSONAL INTEREST: I like to spend time with my family and my friends, I like to read and play any sport, I love sports and I can play any of them, I also like to be with my friends and talk about interested things and play guitar and sing or just have fun […]


OVERALL ABILITY ON THE FIELD: Precision passing, good delivery of passes, good command and dribbling, changing front, vacuum passes, dribble, recovery of the ball, striker. STRENGTHS ON THE FIELD: Recovery of balls, good passes, good control and ball skills, good positioning in the field, good shot and good reading of the games.   TEXAS COLLEGE


OVERALL HABILITY ON THE FIELD: Andrés is a player who is well prepared technically.He likes to give good treatment to the ball and have skills in the long game (depth and changes of direction) and in the short game.It comes easy to him to have a good position on the field so that anticipates the […]

Maria Camila Montañez

OVERALL ABILITY ON THE FIELD: I enjoy playing soccer in terms of finding soccer a way of developing myself physically and mentally. I have always played as a midfielder and sometimes forward. I have control of the ball as well as creation of the game interacting with my teammates in both sides: defense and forward. […]


  OVERALL ABILITY ON THE FIELD: Speed midfield, with very good technique in the both legs able to play as on the right as on the left. Original position Midfield but efficient as a forward and wing, Over all a really fast player able to leave behind the defense having the ball on his feet. […]


OVERALL ABILITY ON THE FIELD: A good capacity to recover the ball, precise control, good passing generating options of goal STRENGTHS ON THE FIELD: I’m a player with a good physical deployment, with good technique and good handling of the ball; I have great capabilities to retrieve the ball and good accuracy to deliver the […]