Lina Sachica Spring 2018

I like to listen to music of all kinds, on my free time I like to read my favorite books in wattpad, to watch television, spend time with my family on weekends, to go with my dad to his soccer matches or with my sister to her tennis tournaments. And what I like the most […]

Jaime Aceros Spring 2018

I see myself as a charismatic person. I like making good relations with people around me by being respectful, which makes me expect that they will respect me back. If they don’t, I will simply avoid the conflict and cut communication off. I was taught that honesty is the path I must take in every […]

Santiago Murillo Spring 2018

I’m characterized for being a person who makes every effort to achieve my dreams and goals. I’m responsible, honest and I always look forward to improving as a person as a player. I’m an active person that always like to be doing something of my interest (it would be draw, watch series or movies, go […]

Luis Soler Spring 2018

I’m a very outgoing person with great relating skills. I like to bond with different people where I go. I think of myself as a natural leader and I always try to set a good example for people. I’m a good, loyal friend that excels friendship and partnership over personal benefits. I’m joyful and I […]

Jose Mesa Spring 2018

I am a person who fights and works to fulfill my dreams and goals giving the best of me, adapting to any change, I think is the key to achieve it. I like to study and my main passion is tennis, I love my family, they are my motor, I like to spend time with […]

Kevin Enriquez Spring 2018

I characterized for being a happy person, a positive person, I like to help and spend time with my parents, I’m an animal lover of, I’m characterized by consent and take care of them, I am a friendly and respectful person, responsible for my duties and orderly manner. I am very hyperactive and extroverted person. […]

Jaime Borjas Rey Spring 2018

HOBBIES AND PERSONAL INTEREST I like to study about technology and the advances that have been made In my free time I like to look at motivational videos about the sport and players that I admire One of my great passions is watch movies and play video games. The free time I like to take […]

Ivan Dario Cuervo Spring 2018

I am a very cheerful person, I like to make people feel good around me, although I also have strong character and know how to set my limits. I like to deal with my problems and to assume responsibilities because I am an obedient person and I know how to listen. I am a person […]

Lina Rodríguez Spring 2018

I am a person who fight for what I want and have clear goals, sociable, tolerant, friendly, collaborative, I consider myself a very honest and responsible person, I like to work as a team. I like to spend time with my family and friends, other sports, cooking, reading about physics and medicine, learn languages, and […]

Nicolas Páez Spring 2018

I enjoy to interact with my family, also playing video games, ping pong, swimming, any sport at all, I love the meat and I don´t like to sleep too much, spend time with my friends. I am a very happy person, I like to make jokes, sometimes I am moody, but I control myself, I […]

Mauro Neva Spring 2018

I like video games, movies, series, and love to taste new food and listen to music. I can’t stand the warm climates and hate beans. Someday, I’d like to see Juventus playing at Turin for the Champions Cup and a Wimbledon Final I’m an outgoing and gentle guy with the ability to do friends and […]

Martin Muñoz Spring 2018

I’m a very happy person who doesn’t get sad easily because of my personality and my optimistic way to face the diverse issues in life. I always face problems with a smile on my face, because I think I can solve them right away, or at least try my best to fade them away. That’s […]

Camila Camacho Spring 2018

I am a happy person, spontaneous, sincere, I like to share, I am responsible, committed, good companion, I am passionate about Soccer and enjoy photography. My passion is Soccer, volleyball, table tennis, ice skating, photography, reading and traveling. As a player, Maria Camila Camacho Urrego, has developed great skill and experience in sports, due to […]

Nicole Bueno Spring 2018

COACHES OPINIONS An aggressive, disciplined, consistent player that regulates and knows how to play different strategies and shots according to the opponent, manages her time, strong minded, a strong work ethic and ability to push herself to the limit both mentally and physically, and a fighter on the court that will never give up. HOBBIES […]

Camila Agudelo Spring 2018

I am an active person, responsible, orderly and persevering who enjoys almost all sports, I like to be outdoors, I love animals and I am concerned about their well-being and fight for them to be respected; I am punctual with my commitments and work; I consider myself a friendly and helpful person, I like to […]

Sebastian Ramirez Spring 2018

I consider myself a disciplined, persistent, collaborative, tolerant, responsible, person, family oriented, good friend, good athlete, good student, I like to commit myself to the challenges that I assume to make them happen. Very disciplined Player, responsible and brave, organized, passionate about the sport, he is young responsible person, very well educated , respectful in […]

Juan Felipe Vargas Spring 2018

I am a sociable person, that don’t discriminate the gender, culture, skin or sexuality. I am a happy person that treat make happy others, that help others, not only in common areas, daily in public transport, in streets or in a moment that I see that other need help. I listen before talk, and receive […]

Indira Mora Spring 2018

I consider myself a very disciplined person and focused about what I want for my future. When I propose myself something, I try to do it in the best way possible. I am friendly and I like to listen to others. I am mentally and emotionally balanced, I did not let myself collapse for anything. […]

Esteban Medina Spring 2018

I consider myself a very cheerful and quiet person who enjoys every moment that life and God gives me. I am a very dedicated and sincere person in everything that I do, I always wants to reach all those dreams and goals that are big, but I know that I’m going to achieve. Esteban is […]

Diego Agudelo Spring 2018

COACHES OPINIONS It is a competitive player, very neat with the work, has a good service, managed well the backhand, works the points and he is an attack player that has pace changes, adapts well to the training group. HOBBIES AND PERSONAL INTEREST I like to listen to music, going to the movies, play soccer, […]

Daniel Gómez Spring 2018

DESCRIBE YOUR SELF AS A PERSON: I believe that I am an honest person, simple, I like everything and I am always willing to help people who ask me to do so. I love working in a team, be the best for me is the most important, I do not like to be the second, […]

Cristian Riaño Spring 2018

COACHES OPINIONS He is a tall player, with a great serve is one of his weapons, his best hit is with the back hand. He also have great hits but que also need to improve his mobility in the court, and been more patient during the points. HOBBIES AND PERSONAL INTEREST I play ukulele, sometimes […]

Andrés Ricaurte Spring 2018

I consider myself a person surrendered and passionate about what I do, responsible, friendly, very sociable, very helpful, who likes to work in a team, with a good sense of leadership, I have the desire to improve and continue to improve.

Andrea Guzman Spring 2018

Sportive aspects: Andrea has been distinguished in her whole sportive career, even if short, to have a great discipline, she can be pushed in order to get the best out of her and she responds positively. Besides being a great sportswoman and respectful in the court and in life, she has the best quality that […]

Ana Sofia Trejos Spring 2018

I started my career as an athlete since the age of 4 in Manizales-Caldas, I started with the tennis during 1 year, at age 5 I practice ballet and at age 7 I started to practice basketball I decided to stay with tennis at the age of 10, I belong to the high performance team […]

Ana María Collazos Spring 2018

Ana María is a dedicated and responsible player with her training and with her personal life, in front of her game Ana Maria is an athlete with powerful strokes of track bottom. Manage variety in making changes of pace, this happens 100% in training sessions but she is still learning to handle in competition, technically […]

Julio Moreno Galvis Spring 2018

I consider myself a mature person who is clear about its objectives and goals in life, I have always linked to principles of responsibility, respect, and humility. I am someone with full of energy that likes to always be learning and doing new homes, that is the reason I like to travel and study. I […]

Juliana Bulla Spring 2018

I consider myself a very dedicated person in everything i do, i am one of the person who will see the good side of everything that i do, i strive for what i want and until i didn´t accomplish that i was not satisfied. On the sports side i do all that i can for […]

Juan Pablo Tabares Spring 2018

I believe I’m a person that has been raised with excellent values and great moral beliefs. I believe that beyond success, I must search for stuff that enriches myself and makes me a better integral person. I consider myself a humble, respectful, persistent, familiar, committed, joyful, and honest person. I’m a person that dreams big, and […]

Santiago Murillo Spring 2018

I´m characterized for being a person who makes every effort to achieve my dreams and goals. I´m responsible, honest and I always look forward to improving as a person as a player. I´m an active person that always like to be doing something of my interest (it would be draw, watch series or movies, go to […]

Julian López Spring 2018

I am a simple person with values and principles setting with respect to others, responsible, dynamic, positive against any adversity, calm, investigative, always seeking perfection in what I propose, I effort to get better every day and finally, I consider myself as an available person to face changes because I know what is the best […]

Jorge Santamaría Spring 2018

I am an introverted person, in some cases shy, very disciplined, I like to organize the tasks that I have to perform day by day, orderly, responsible, who every day does everything possible to be one step closer to being able to realize their dreams. I am a visualizer man, my motivation is my family […]

Juan Esteban Silva Spring 2018

I consider myself as a very calm and friendly person, I like to have many friends and I like to be very dedicated with the sport and I study as well; I consider myself as a very sincere and respectful person with everyone else, I like to laugh and have fun, but the most important thing, […]

Carlos Picon Spring 2018

My career started when he was 7 years old in a club called Athletic Santander, led by professor Alvaro Solarte Lucumi, there I started out as a goalkeeper but I did not take me long to realize that I liked more to have the ball at my feet and not on my hands, so I […]

David Ramos Spring 2018

I began my soccer career at the age of 4, I got into Churta millos club and I at the same time was swim training but I realized that the thing that I like to do the most is playing soccer. When my mother asked me what I prefer at that moment, playing soccer or […]

Ana María Sánchez Spring 2018

I played my entire childhood in the neighborhood, what is popularly called Room Soccer; at the age of 11 I started training in an accredited training school (Rayo Vallecano Colombia), in which I did a year of preparation, adaptation and conditioning, on the team, I was the only woman during that year. The following year […]

Henry Daniel Duarte Spring 2018

HOBBIES AND PERSONAL INTERESTS My biggest passion is Soccer but I also have a lot of other hobbies like music, I play the guitar and percussion and I also enjoy a lot doing other sports like swimming, riding bike and basketball. DESCRIBE YOUR SELF AS A PERSON I am a calm person, happy and very […]

Andrés Padilla Spring 2018

Other sports you play competitively (past or present): Before I start to playing golf I played; racquetball , tennis, ping pong, squash, I keep play football and often go to the gym. Please list anyinjuries/allergies/medications: None 3 things we do not know about you, not related to golf: 1.I am an excellent athlete, and I train really hard in […]

Erick Cortes Fall 2017

I began playing soccer at the age of 10, when I started playing for the school team (Huskies) at the Panamerican school of Porto Alegre in Brazil, as a goalkeeper. But due to the overweight I faced at the time, I would only compete one year later (2011) in the friendship festival; and due to […]

Santiago Marta Fall 2017

I like to play videogames, ride my bicycle, watch tennis and soccer, I also love to play these both. I swim and play squash too. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I consider myself a respectful, empathic and hard work person. I’m outgoing, this helps me adapt into new environments. I think […]

María Andrea Hurtado Fall 2017

I am an active, generous and tolerant person. I like sports (especially tennis) and dream big. I do my best to fulfill my goals, I am disciplined and fight for what I want. I think about my future and I focus on the present, I am a little introverted but I express myself through tennis […]

Lina Romero Fall 2017

I´m an independent person, who fights for my dreams giving always the best of me. I´m an active person, I like being with my family and friends. I´m very disciplined and a good student. The player has developed some very technical blows that make her have a wealth and diversity of domains of blows allowing […]

Diego Leal Fall 2017

Diego Andres is a young man with many qualities, such as; He is friendly, polite person responsible in all of their activities for his personal development. He is a young man who despite his age is very mature to make his own decisions and very focused on all the goals and objectives to be attained. […]

Carlos Trujillo Fall 2017

I am a dedicated athlete; I characterize myself for being a warrior and goal-oriented person. I work in a constant way looking for setting goals. I characterize foe the effort, dedication and discipline I have in activities I undertake. Since I was a child, I’ve liked sports, before arrive to tennis, some others such as […]

Jorge Goenaga Fall 2017

During my free time, I enjoy activities such as: reading, interacting with society, doing physical activity, leading a healthy lifestyle starting from nutrition, also, I seek to promote leadership in each person, highlighting the importance of teamwork. I teach social coaching and management of the social dynamics that is one of my biggest passions allowing […]

Andrés Alvarez Fall 2017

I am a person who struggles daily to fulfill my dreams, personally every day I try to be better than the day before, so I will never be satisfied with anything because I know that I can always be better, I am a very friendly person, Affectionate and cheerful, I am that kind of person […]

Nicole Maldonado Fall 2017

I am a very persistent person who fights for what I want, despite any adversity, every time I propose more goals I look for them; I am a social person, is easy to me to speak in public and with people around, also, I am very sincere and honest about what I think, however, I […]

Laura Piracún Fall 2017

I began to compete at the age of 14 years old in open tournaments and in national ones where I was gaining experience; however at 15 years old I was presented with the opportunity to participate in COSAT / ITF tournaments which helped me to improve my tennis skills and learn the technical-tactical part of […]

Gabriela Gómez Fall 2017

I began my career in the tennis at the age of 7; my first place of training was Compensar where i was training only the weekends and where also they formed my bases for my current tennis. Due to my effort and talent the teachers recommended to me to train every day of the week […]

Diego Orduz Fall 2017

started my career at age 6, standing out for a great committed and discipline in the training which allowed me to distinguish myself in the qualifications and appreciations of my coaches. The beginning was with a vacational course I took in the Club Militar de Oficiales, the trainers saw in me a great potential, so […]