Juan Pablo Pinilla fall 2016

I am a very happy person persevering and a fighter, disciplined with good values very active. I am a very cooperative and good leader, I like to play sports and all sports, I always try to do the things I do in the best way possible, I am too competitive and that helps me to […]

Diana Monsalve Fall 2016

I am a player with a style of play very powerful, I like to be aggressive but also very intelligent at the time of playing each point, all my strokes are quite clean and good but my best shot for me is my drive because it is with him that I define the points most […]

Gyselle Daza Spring 2016

I am a confident person, very disciplined, hardworking, I like to work as a team, I love to play tennis, it is my passion, I am a very positive person I will never give up. I am very responsible, cheerful, ordered, committed, and quiet, with a strong mentality and with dreams, goals and objectives very […]

Juan Diego Ruiz Spring 2018

I started to play tennis at the age of 7 with the coach Edgar Enrique Reyes, in the Tennis Academy of Nic-Val, for one year; by the progress and talent, the decision was taken to send me to a high-performance center as it was the Santander Tennis League, there began with the coach Fabian Eduardo […]

Julian David Cruz Fall 2013

I am a person with clear ideas that fights for what i want and I love what I do with full confidence in myself and in God, disciplined and able to move forward with school and sports projects. Tolerant, persevering, always in a good mood, always trying to generate a nice, cozy and relax atmosphere […]

Luis Del Risco Fall 2011

I am a person who likes to be the longest possible time reading and researching about the sports news around the world and also be aware of what happens daily in the national and international level. From time to time, to read a good book in my free time to play, Play Station 3 and […]

Juan David Coy Fall 2015

WHY DOES GOLF INTEREST YOU? Because is sport that requires discipline, commitment and self control. I see it as part of my identity and something that i can play all my life. Also creates new friendships with people from different plac-es. For me golf is my life project, is a way of living. WHAT IS […]

Faber Dávila Fall 2017

Why does golf interest you? Because it is a sport that requires commitment, discipline and self-control . I really enjoy playing golf and I feel very happy when I play that’s why I always work hard and give my 110% to be one of the best golfers. I see in golf a great opportunity to develop […]

Mariana Alvarez Fall 2017

I started at seven years playing tennis, in the course of the years I found a great passion and a big talent for the sport. I liked compete very young, I participated in junior tournaments in my city, municipal and interclub tournaments ascent; and whose positive results were the ones who encouraged me to keep […]

Nicolas Ballesteros Spring 2017

I have personality inside and outside the playing field I am a leader with my team I have a good ball control sm an excellent ball recovery I am a good auctioneer long distance Handling the two profiles (left and right) I am very good in the header I am a very good pin I […]

Pablo Salamanca Spring 2017

I am a player with a good technique dominating the ball. This let me do with my foot whatever I plan in my brain. This ball control gives me a great skill for dribbling, letting me evade a good amount of opposite players. Also I have a good physical form , I am a player […]

Juan Navarro Spring 2017

I started to play tennis at the age of 9with the coach Pablo Molina , in the club unión for one year; by the progress and talent, the decision was taken to send me to a high-performance center as it was the Santander Tennis League, there began with the coach Jose rojas ;who gave me […]

Sebastián Romero García Spring 2017

I started my soccer career in 2008 at the age of 9 at the Club River Plate the Fortaleza, under the direction of coach Javier Nieto and Jorge Amado former player of San Lorenzo de Almagro in 2010 I was champion of the Bogota Soccer League I also participated in the of Pony Soccer tournament, […]

Juan Ramirez Spring 2017

Since I have memory, i always been practice sports; I practice: soccer, speed skater and basketball, but any of these sports makes me feel comfortable or 100% happy. In 2010 my parents told me that I have to do something in the weekend, obviously I wanted too, because I already decide to retire from basketball; […]

Sebastian Ballen Spring 2017

I started to play football (indoor football) when I was 10 years old at school Antonio Nariño H.H. Corazonistas, in the position of goalkeeper, which I accepted and suits me to the game style. During those years, I developed abilities like agility, reaction speed, safety and confidence. Then I started my footballing stage at 13 […]

Andrés Padilla Spring 2017

I started playing tennis at the end of 2007, playing with my twin brother twice a week. At the beginning, it was more like a pastime, but as time passed I became more passionate. I always had the goal of being better than my brother. When I started competitions, my desires of competing were growing. […]

Carlos A. Padilla Spring 2017

I started playing tennis at the end of 2007. At first, it was just a pastime, but gradually I wanted to play more and my desire to improve was growing, so I started competing. I changed my coaches a couple of times and I learned a lot from each one of them. My development was […]

Guiselle Silva Spring 2017

 I started playing tennis when she was 13 years old in the tennis school of Compensar on the weekends. I chose this sport because I thought it was perfect for me because it is an individual sport where everything depends on yourself. In addition to that, it is not only physical but very mentally. Often […]

Juan C. Chinchilla Spring 2017

I started to play tennis since I was 7 years old, cause my mom used to keep me busy at every time with any sport, so I tried the soccer, but I didn´t like it very much, after that I tried swimming but I didn´t like too, and finally I saw a tennis court and […]

Felipe Charry Spring 2017

I started to play tennis when my parents came in as members to a tennis club near my city, Bogotá, first I played some internal tournaments and had great results. I won the first 4 tournaments, then I started to train in the afternoons after school, I trained 3 hours a day , after a […]

Valentina Vogelsang Spring 2016

I Started my tennis learning at the age of 9 at the Alain Tennis Academy training for 2 hours per day 3 days a week after completing my school work. Tennis began to be my great passion and the following year I increase my training 2 hours a day 5 days a week by combining […]

Juan Camilo Huertas Fall 2016

Juan Camilo is a player who has trained at this academy from the age of 10, has always been noted for his discipline and interest in learning every day, he is a human being with a high degree of friendship and camaraderie which has helped him to be an integrate athlete within and outside the […]

Sebastian Hernandez Fall 2016

I start to play tennis when I was 9-10 years old and I start just playing against the wall with a borrow racquet that weight like 260-270kg it was pretty heavy for a boy of my age, meanwhile I was playing with my dad one coach saw me and tell my dad I will be […]

Natalia Hernández Fall 2016

I started playing Soccer at the age of fourteen in the School. After this, I decided to start training in some soccer team, began in 2013 in the Club Gol Star Headquarters la Fragua, I was there for almost 7 months. Finally, I decided to enter the Equity insurance Female Soccer team, where I was […]

Fabian Muñoz Fall 2015

I began playing soccer in 2004 in the training school of Santafé F. C. then in 2005 I transferred to the lower division of the same club, due to my excellent technical condition, in this club I played many tournaments, such as the renowned Ponyfutbol in Medellín, where most of the big names from our […]

Jose Felipe Robles Fall 2016

I am very jocular as a person, all the time jumping, I love eating everything that is in the table except vegetables, love kids and children, to stay and pass time with them, joyful and Christian since almost two years, love God and every human being, single but hoping to find a person for the […]

Cesar Forero Fall 2016

I am a defensive player that plays as central defender of 3-4-5, with wide projection toward the counter-attack, collective game, team leader in the field, disciplined that follows the dynamics of the team, intelligence and calm, good kicker long distance shots. Very explosive player on way to catch up the players of the other team […]

Daniel Cubides Fall 2016

– I can handle both of my feet good and cross the ball through the field on either sides – I am a determinate player who is willing to get the ball and create chances for my teammates to score. – I am a player who is distinguish for being a team worker and try […]

Luisa Herrera Fall 2016

Luisa Fernanda Herrera Tamayo, from a very young age became interested in Soccer, playing initially on the teams in her elementary School. In the year 2007 when she was 9 years of age entered a camp organized by the AC Milan in the city of Medellin, participating there in a two-week internships. Later she joined […]

Stefy Lorena Varon Fall 2016

My sporting life began in February 2009 when I was 11 years, in the tennis League of Bogotá, it started recreationally, taking classes on Saturday and Sunday morning, here I developed my bases and acquired a good technique; afterwards, in early 2010 by recommendation of the coach, based on my skills and learning facility for […]

Juan Pablo Hernández Spring 2015

I started playing when I was 11 years old in a recreational way on weekends, then I realized that I liked it very much and I started to train during the week as well for 6 months until by economic problems I could not continue training during the next 3 years until I was 14 […]

Juan Nicolas Naranjo Fall 2016

I started playing when I was 8 years old in recreational tennis, played festivals of which I was champion in some. When I was 10 years old my family and I moved to the city of Santa Marta, where at the beginning and almost a year I did not train; I then begin to train […]

Jose Gabriel Niño Fall 2014

I started to play tennis at the age of 5 years when I began to improve every day in this sport but first like a hobby and a way to keep doing exercise and to relate with other different people additionally I was in this learning process for 3 years until I started to play […]

Juan Sebastian Osorio Fall 2016

Start in the training of tennis at the age of 6, began competitive in local festivals and tournaments at the age of 8, start intermediate and advanced training at the age of 8 to start competitive local and national level between 10 and 12 years of phase combination between soccer and tennis at the age […]

Maria Paola Lara Fall 2016

I started my career in the year 2007 at age 9 practicing tennis at recreational level, The Tennis always called my attention, initially I practiced with my father in a wall near where we lived, but little by little I was falling in love and passion with this sport, months after I took my first […]

Andrea Chacon Fall 2013

Juan Carlos Sarria and Pedro Rodríguez (besser coaches): Andrea is a player with a great technical display. It has an excellent domain for the ball, which allows higher performance on the field, she knows how to wield the times during the game, has great ability to retrieve the ball. she is dynamic and never like […]

Laura Gutierrez Fall 2016

I began to play tennis at the age of 8 in a weekend course, my coach was part of the team coaches of Compensar in which trained only the best of its category and the children whom had future and projection; she offered me to be a part of the team but I at that […]

Jose Andrés Plazas 2015

High performance athlete of international projection, as a tennis player his outstanding performance, in different tournaments which he has participated is evidence. Sponsorship from the Colombian tennis federation to reaching achievements so notorious as to represent the country on the south – American tennis tour (Cosat tour 2012 – 2014 Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia) […]

Wilson Prada Fall 2013

WHY DOES GOLF INTEREST YOU? Because I consider it my way of life,also I love golf and I feel really happy when I play it, and I see in golf a great opportunity to develop my future, so when I play it I always give a 100 percent of my skills to be one of the best players.

Fernanda Robles Fall 2012

I´m interested in starting school because of the opportunity that I would have to practice the sport that I love and at the s ame time obtain a high level education.

Diana Nariño Fall 2012

I started to play tennis at the age 8. Six months later I started to play small tournaments in a club called “La Verdieri” in Bogota to improve my level and be ready to play big tournaments with national ranking. At the age of 13 I started to play tournaments with national ranking and I […]

Mauricio A. Grosso Fall 2012

Mauricio started sports at an early age, since he was little he started to swim that was his most favorite one. He did not need special classes to swim because it was natural to him until today. He attended a class to be life guard. His first sport was soccer he was taller than the […]

Sebastian Sánchez Fall 2012

high performance athlete of international projection, as a tennis player his outstanding performance, in different tournaments which he has participated is evidence. reaching achievements so notorious as to get sponsorship from the colombian tennis federation to represent the country on the south – american tennis tour (cosat tour 2008-2010 colombia, ecuador, peru, bolivia, and chile) […]

Daniel Vasquez Fall 2012

OVERALL ABILITY ON THE FIELD: I am an offensive player, I try to keep control of the point by attacking and putting pressure, I can be very consistent as well. My forehand allows me to win points, my backhand is very consistent and my slice allows me to change pace I have a solid volley. […]

Ángela Corredor M. Fall 2012

My tennis career began when I was 5 years old, my usual practice routine has been training during the week in the afternoon and weekends, I played several state tournaments and I have obtained outstanding results. Once I was 12 I started my national competition, my ranking was getting better as I had important wins […]

Juliana Guevara Fall 2012

I start playing tennis when I was 8 years old, at Bogota, Colombia, but it was just for hobby. When I was 10 I started competing on regional Tournaments, and later on national ones. When I was 12 I won my first important national Tournament, and since that moment I started competing through all the […]

Maria Paula Moreno Fall 2011

Hobbies and personal interest: – Apart from playing tennis, I like to spend my free time reading books, and drawing. I enjoy visiting art galleries and museums. I like to do different outdoor activities and sports, especially when these are competitive activities. Describe yourself as a person: – I am a very self-disciplined girl. I […]

Mateo Espejo Valencia Spring 2011

I s tarted practicing triathlon when I was 9 years old, I used to be s wimm er, s o that Was really im portant for m y triathlon, I have been national cham pion for three tim es , in places like s an Andres is land, Cali city, Pereira city, I ha ve […]

Luis Miguel Del Risco Soccer Fall 2011

I define myself as someone who’s never happy with what you may have, that in the sense that one must always seek improvement in all the activities that life. I always look for honesty in everything we do and say, so I expect the same from others. I can seem to be a quiet person […]

Juan Robles Fall 2011

OVERALL ABILITY ON THE FIELD: In tennis I´m characterized by having a very good physique, I have a very good serve and I am a player that goes up to the net. I’m very competitive and I do not like losing. I like to train hard. -STRENGTHS ON THE FIELD: My good serve and a […]